Shopping on HerbMed should be safe and reliable. We have therefore spent a lot of time creating as simple a page as possible, and also on ensuring that the products always maintain high standards. We therefore use independent labs that regularly test our products so that each product contains at least what it promises. But you can see from our tests that each product usually contains more.

You can trust Herbmed…


HERBMED CBD is manufactured in one of the world’s best facilities for manufacturing CBD products and all our products are of the highest quality. Our CBD oils are regularly tested by independent laboratories. The reason we do this is because we are very careful about the quality. Our motto is to offer the best and most affordable product in Europe, and we are convinced that quality is one of the keys to achieving that goal.

The factory is located in Croatia and the only one in Europe that manufactures CBD products with so many quality management systems. The manufacturing plant has all ISO certificates for sustainable production, purity, environmental awareness, work environment, and energy efficiency with as little disruption to the environment as possible. Of course, this means that the use of such a reputable plant raises the price of manufacturing for us, but we call it investing in quality and are convinced that you as a customer will feel the difference.

ISO certifikat CBD olja


CBD fabrik för olja

ISO Certifierad Produktion

Actual Photo from our factory.


Harvested By hand

ORGANIC CULTURE you can trust

100% organic grown hemp. Yes, even the harvest is made 90% completely organically and manually by our talented employees who carefully hand select only the best plants for production. The cultivations that lie in the warm and deep valleys between the mountains of Slovenia offer a perfect climate for cultivation of industrial hemp.

Every farmer we hire every year undergoes certification that the crops are carried out completely organically. And when it is time for harvesting, this is done only on selected days for best results. Each flower is then separated by hand and only the best and finest flowers are selected. When selected, they are put on drying and cultivation for up to 4 weeks.

Harvesting CBD
Harvesting CBD
Organic Cannabis
Organic Cannabis
Harvesting Hemp CBD
Harvesting Hemp CBD
Skörda hampa
Torkning av hampa
Skörda hampa
Endast dom finaste blommorna
Skörda hampa
Blommorna läggs ut för torkning


The organic hemp is transformed by a carefully monitored and expensive process into an organic liquid that you can either use in your e-cigarette or the most common method of dropping it under the tongue.

There are many ways to extract CBD from hemp and below we will tell you a little about the different methods and above all our own method that we are so far the only ones who apply it in Sweden.

CO2 extraktion herbmed

CO2 Extraction


Carbon dioxide is a completely unique molecule that can function and behave in many ways; Solid, liquid, or gas depending on the type of pressure and temperature it is subjected to. Since pressure and temperature must be kept very specific during extraction, specialised equipment and knowledgeable personnel are required for monitoring them. Carbon dioxide (CO2)extraction is considered to be the most expensive method of extraction of industrial hemp, but at the same time the one that gives the best results for CBD.

There are many advantages of CO2 extraction and the most important one of them is the quality of the final product which is 99.9-100% free from contamination or solvents such as ethanol, which is often found in other methods. We have chosen to use CO2 for this very reason. Ethanol or alchemical methods that many other manufacturers use are definitely not bad, but you simply do not get as many CBD variants and the result of each batch is not as accurate as with CO2.

With the alchemical or ethanol-based methods (solvents) used by many other producers the occurrence of contaminants can often occur and it is not uncommon for facilities to find traces of heavy metals or ethanol in the final product.


Of course, we have researched the market in Europe and priced our products as cheaply as possible to meet customers’ requirements. However, we will point out that the production of our CBD products costs almost twice as much as it would if we were to use ethanol-based methods. But we are sure that you as a customer will notice the difference.

Clean Roombut why is production more expensive?
CO2 extraction requires much more expensive equipment and the whole process is very closely monitored by specially trained staff and everything is done in a laboratory while some producers in Sweden do their extraction in garages or other places that are not completely contamination free.
In the factory that we use everyone who works with the extraction carries medical equipment with face and hair protection, only authorized personnel are allowed on the production floor, and the air in the room is changed 3 times every hour. This method is called: CLEAN  ROOM.